Retirement Planning

As independent agents we benefit you in being able to represent a variety of companies that provide a products to meet your retirement planning needs.

Considering an Annuity?

We can assist with “tax-sheltered annuities” or “tax-deferred annuities”. An annuity contract is beneficial to the individual investor in the sense that it legally binds the insurance company to provide a guaranteed periodic payment to the annuitant once the annuitant reaches retirement and requests commencement of payments. Essentially, it guarantees risk-free retirement income.


We also specialize in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). An IRA can prove to be very valuable tax management tools for individuals.

Whether you need a long term solution for providing for your family and loved ones or just have a short term need for 15 years or less, we can provide retirement planning products such as an IRA or Annuity.

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