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Start by getting a price quote from the company that handles your auto insurance — you generally get a discount on your auto and home insurance if you have both policies with the same company. Look for an independent agent, they can give you price quotes from several insurers. If you have any military connection in your family, it’s worthwhile to contact USAA.

Before you start comparing quotes, you’ll need to decide how much coverage to get. A home’s insurance value is based on the cost to rebuild the house, not the market value. You can work with the agent or the insurer to come up with an estimate.

Homeowners insurance automatically provides coverage for your possessions based on a certain percentage of your home’s insurance value. But homeowners insurance policies usually have lower limits for certain kinds of items — such as jewelry. If you have any particularly valuable possessions, you may want to get extra coverage for those items.

You’ll also need to choose the deductible amount. A $1000 deductible (or higher) will reduce your premium. You will need the amount of the deductible in an emergency fund , in case you need to file a claim.

If you’re concerned about flooding, which isn’t covered by homeowners insurance, you can buy flood insurance through most homeowners insurance agents. Your mortgage company may require flood coverage.

Once you move into your new home, take an inventory, which will help in the claims process if you have to file a claim in the future. Take photos or a video of every room, keep receipts for valuable items, and keep a copy of the file somewhere away from home so it’s easy to access if needed.

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When buying a car, there’s more to consider than the make and model. Price, size, gas mileage—even the way it feels behind the wheel—affect your decision.

You also should weigh your options when buying auto insurance. With many brands and features and price ranges out there, it pays to do your homework.

Here are some common questions…

  • What type of auto insurance can I choose from? There are two types of auto insurance: Liability coverage pays for damage to other vehicles or injuries to other people that you cause. Physical Damage coverage pays for damage to your vehicle. These two coverages are the foundation of your policy.
  • How much coverage should I buy? Each state defines the minimum amount of coverage required, but after that, the amount of coverage you buy is up to you. You choose based on your comfort level, budget and lifestyle. Some people want as much coverage as possible for all of life’s “what ifs.” Others are satisfied with bare-minimum coverage. If you have a newer vehicle, you may want more coverage to protect your investment. If you can afford higher deductibles (the amount you’ll pay out of pocket in the event of an accident), you can raise them and pay less premium.
  • How is my rate determined? Rates are based on a combination of pieces of information about you, your driving record and your car. It’s important for you to provide accurate information to your local agent or to the insurance company you’re buying from. It helps them determine the best options and rates for you.
  • Can I get a lower rate? Many insurance companies offer discounts that can help lower your rate. For example, Progressive offers discounts for good student drivers, paying your premium electronically and having more than one policy.Some companies offer rewards for renewing your policies with them. At Progressive, the longer you stay a customer, the more benefits you gain, such as lower deductibles and accident forgiveness. Ask your local agent about available discounts and programs.
How do you know if your home is properly insured? Wed, 24 Feb 2010 00:32:49 +0000 Knowing the correct amount to insure your home for is critical  if you want to be fully covered in the event of a total loss. That is why we take special care to ask the right questions to make sure your home is properly insured.

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  • We offer home and auto insurance coverage through 8 highly rated companies, and are able to provide several competitive quotes for each potential client before they decide what to buy.
  • We take a consultative approach to our clients when they have a claim, making sure they understand the “costs” of all claims and striving to do what is best for you, while making sure you are treated fairly when claims are filed.
  • We look for ways to save YOU money.

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